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The 6 Top Places to Go Kayaking in Destin, Florida

If you’re from Destin, then you know how beautiful the area is. It’s a great little resort town that has plenty of fun activities to keep people entertained. Often, people are drawn to the golf courses of this town, but kayaking enthusiasts prefer to get out and enjoy some time on the water as often as possible.

To get the most out of this area, you’re going to want to learn where all of the best kayaking spots are. In the city of Destin itself, there are only a few places to go kayaking. The general area has a plethora of great kayaking spots, though.

1. Destin Harbor/Crab Island

One of the most popular places for people to launch kayaks in Destin itself is at Destin Harbor. People love this area, and it is often pretty crowded with tourists and people enjoying various types of water sports. If you’re looking for a peaceful kayaking trip, then this isn’t likely to scratch your itch very well.

However, this is a beautiful place to take your kayak out. People really enjoy kayaking all the way from Destin Harbor to Crab Island. Crab Island itself isn’t really much of an island as it’s just a patch of sand that is mostly underwater.

Despite being underwater, it’s a fun location. It’s what is referred to as a sandbar and stopping there after a sizable kayaking trek can be quite enjoyable. If you want to challenge yourself and go out pretty far, then planning an excursion to Crab Island makes a lot of sense.

2. Lake Huntington in Panama City

This is a sweet spot to go out kayaking. Its located in Panama City, which is just a smidgen over an hour away from Destin. Many of the best kayaking locations in the area are centered around Panama in some capacity.

Lake Huntington is an excellent spot to kayak if you’re new to the kayaking scene. Beginners enjoy getting out and paddling around in this location. It’s well-insulated from the wind, so it’s easy to launch your kayak even on a particularly windy day here.

3. St. Andrews Park in Panama City Beach

This site has a convenient spot for people to launch their boats from. It’s become one of the more popular destinations in this section of Florida for kayaking purposes. You will even find that some kayak rental services have sprung up near this spot, making it simple to bring along a friend who doesn’t own his or her setup.

For those who want to challenge themselves just a little, it isn’t too far of a trek to go out to Shell Island from this location. It can be an excellent goal to set for yourself and should make for an enjoyable time kayaking. You won’t want to miss out on the beautiful scenery in this area so definitely make sure that this a spot that you check out.

4. Panama City Canoe Launch

The city itself purchased this property, and it is now used to launch small boats. It gives kayaking enthusiasts a comfortable spot to set off towards the Bay. It tends to be a little crowded at times, but it’s still a convenient spot to get to some great kayaking waters.

When the wind is blowing northward, the paddling can be a real treat. You’ll have a great time enjoying the sights and getting some good exercise in. There isn’t anything particularly challenging about this area, so it’s pretty fun for beginners and veterans who want to relax.

5. Lake Powell in Panama City Beach

This destination is one that people who are in the area often go to for great kayaking adventures. There are plenty of little areas to explore around here, making it a place that is worth returning to several times. If you like poking around exciting environments with your kayak, then this spot should appeal to you.

The beauty of this lake is undeniable. It’s a favorite spot for a reason, and many people like to launch from this site before traveling all the way to the nearby Camp Helen State Park. It isn’t too far away, but it’s a long enough trip to give you a little workout.

6. Carl Gray Park in Panama City

You can use this place as an excellent launching point to get all the way to the waters near Hathaway Bridge. The waters around here are beautiful, and you’ll have a lovely time being out in nature. It isn’t usually as crowded as some of the other spots so if you want to have a little more quiet introspection during your kayaking trip, this could be a good spot.

For the best results, it’s a good idea to set off in the morning. This way, you will be more likely to beat any crowd that does want to make use of this launching point. If you’re a more social kayaking enthusiast and would like to meet people during your journeys, arriving in the afternoon would see more people being gathered at this location.


There are some entertaining spots that you can visit for kayaking adventures around the Destin area. Destin itself may not have a plethora of places within the city, but there are so many options available to you close by. If you want to enjoy yourself and go out kayaking as much as possible, then this is a great place to live.

Traveling just a little bit will get you to Bay County, where many of the best kayaking spots in the general area are located. Destin itself has the fun area of Destin Harbor for you to explore, so it’s possible to get some kayaking time in right inside of Destin, too. Whatever your kayaking desires are, it should be simple to indulge yourself and have a great time.

It’s also remarkably easy to take friends with you who don’t own their kayaks in this part of Florida. There are a large number of kayak rental businesses around all of these spots. This is convenient for people who want to try out the hobby without having to commit to buying a kayak in the spur of the moment.

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