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Old Town Predator 13 Review

The fishing kayak offers a professional fishing experience each time the kayak is put on the water. It offers a safe and convenient way for a single person to fish ponds, lakes, and rivers.

If you’re in the market for a new fishing kayak, you’ll want one that stands up to harsh weather conditions and provides plenty of space for storing your gear and the fish you’ve caught.

Our favorite features on the Old Town Predator 13

The Predator 13 delivers time and time again by being a sturdy and reliable form of transportation while fishing. Here is what we discovered about it.

  • Options that allow for customization. Among the most striking features offered with the Predator 13 is its six removable mounting plates. Eliminating the need to drill into the kayak itself, the plates make customizing the product easier. You can easily add a GPS, fish finder, rod finder, or slide tracks to make the kayak feel more like your own.
  • Side-mounted paddle holders. Storage is something to consider. With the Predator, keeping paddles secure is easy. Side mounted holders prevent paddles from being lost or damaged between fishing trips, and out of the way when casting a reel while on the water.
  • A Humminbird-compatible scupper. Being able to stay afloat and not take in water is the key to not sinking. One of the most useful features is the scupper drain holes and threaded drain plug. A specially designed transducer hole is available for the optional item.
  • Large capacity tank. A tankwell with bungee accommodates many necessary items. You can place your cooler, tackle boxes, and even a battery for a trolling motor, if you have one, in the space. It’s large enough to keep all of these items safe and dry.
  • Scotty Stand-Ready Bar. When needing to cast a reel, an angler must stand. With the Scotty Stand-Ready Bar, it’s a possibility. You’re able to stay balanced in the kayak without it toppling over.
  • Lots of built-in storage. The front hatch offers ample room to store items. It closes with a simple click and seals storage. It provides extra protection for must-have fishing items so that they don’t get wet and destroyed.

The Predator 13 is sturdy and effective, and it’s designed to do everything an angler needs it to do to remain supportive while fishing. It is incredibly heavy compared to other fishing kayaks which may be an issue for you.

While we love this kayak overall, it’s not a beginner’s fishing kayak – mainly because of its weight with gear. The same customer stated that there wasn’t “much room for tackle” when the seat is in the lower position.

Other customers had nothing but great things to say about the kayak. One noted all of the things he was able to take with him on a fishing trip including “a collapsible dolly, a life vest, extra clothing, & more.” Storage under the mod pod is ample enough to fit a large amount of gear without filling it entirely.

It was described as “very stable and tracks well in windy conditions,” “fantastic,” and “extremely comfortable”. More experienced fisherman seem to not mind its larger size or heavier weight. That’s what makes it easy for us to recommend.

Features and specifications

Here are some features and specs of the Old Town Predator 13:

  • Made in the USA
  • It measures 13 ft. 2 in. length and 33.5 inches wide
  • It weighs 86 pounds
  • Designed to handle tough, aquatic environments, the polyethylene body is easy to clean
  • Standing up on the textured deck is easy because it provides traction
  • Stand-up assist strap helps a person go from a seated position to standing with ease
  • Seats offer two positions, Travel and Attack, which were designed for paddling and fishing
  • Seating can be flipped out of the way to make room for poling, sighting, and casting
  • Rod-tip holders and side-mounted retainers make grabbing and casting fast a possibility
  • Paddle storage accommodate contoured, handled paddles
  • Six removable mounting plates to add custom details to your fishing kayak
  • Dual tackle holders provide recess storage on both sides making it possible to grab gear quickly

Full of features that make fishing trips pleasant and successful, this kayak is a solid choice for serious anglers. It provides the storage and protection needed to feel confident on many different bodies of water. It’s also designed to keep water out which is essential.


In summary, the Old Town Predator 13 delivers comfort and ease. It is designed to handle large bodies of water, making lakes, bays, and coastal areas places to fish. It’s outfitted with all of the things you need to catch fish including mounting plates that allow you to customize your kayak.

Customers agree that the built-in storage is definitely a selling point for this fishing kayak. Anglers can go out on the water and stay most of the day with ease. It features built-in safety features that make it possible to enjoy different bodies of water with little thought about how rough they may actually be.

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