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Where to Go Kayaking in Maryland

If you’re a kayaker living in the state of Maryland, then believe us when we say that you are in good luck. Maryland is one of the most picturesque states in the United States and has a spectacular array of wild animals and water bodies located all over.

The water bodies in the state are open for kayakers across the year to come and enjoy the scenic and peaceful activity of kayaking with their loved ones.

The state of Maryland presents concealed charms and attractive lakes waiting for you to come and explore them. If you are a resident of the state and are looking for exciting places to go kayaking, then we have the answers for you.

If you are yearning to find a new place to show off your recreational kayaking skills, do some fishing in your fish kayak, or simply practice your kayaking skills, then you are in the right place. Kayaking destinations inside Maryland accommodate all types of kayakers from professionals to first-time learners.

The good part is that everyone gets to enjoy a memorable experience. In this article, we mention some of the best kayaking spots in Maryland, along with a few tips on how you should get prepared for your next kayaking trip.

Thorne Gut Marsh

Thorne Gut Marsh is an unexplored heaven for kayakers in the state of Maryland. The natural environment around the location is excellent and comes with all the amenities you require.

Since the authorities do not allow power boats, you can be in a natural environment of kayakers and paddlers.

The area is also an unexplored mine for fishing and angling. If you are into fishing, you can bring over your fishing kayak and can hook some fresh fish for dinner.

The sounds of bald eagles, waterfowl, and geese will surely give all nature lovers a full dose of excitement during their visit.

Skipton Creek

Skipton Creek, which also goes by the name of Mill Creek, is an amazingly scenic water trail known for kayaking in the state of Maryland. This scenic water trail offers its own dose of nature in the form of birds and wildlife around the area.

You get to see turtles, great blue herons, ospreys, beavers, frogs, blackbirds and kingfishers here. The area is host to smooth waters all year round, so novice kayakers can head here for an easy and peaceful opportunity of kayaking.

Skipton Creek is also the perfect place for vegetation lovers. The fallen tree limbs remind you of the history of the water trail and how it has made its way around the same area since centuries.

However, be at your attentive best, because the fallen tree limbs can snag you easily.

Pocomoke River

The Pocomoke River and its swampy tributaries stretch over 106 km of land. The River is known to be one of the most exciting and peaceful paddle boarding and kayaking spots within the state of Maryland.

You can carry your gear to the scenic river to enjoy the gentle stream of water and the experience of kayaking.

You can see all kinds of ducks, birds, turtles, and geese during your trip, as they frequent the area regularly. The upper part of the river flows through an excessive series of wetlands known as the Great Cypress Swamp.

The lower part peacefully flows into the Chesapeake Bay. You can also practice fishing here to catch unique varieties unlike any you have seen or heard of before.

Gunpowder River

Gunpowder Bough flickr photo by Shyn Darkly shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license

The Gunpowder River is another decent kayaking spot for kayakers in the state of Maryland. The rough spots along the river bank ensure that the river isn’t for beginner level kayakers or those with a faint heart.

The experience is best enjoyed if you are capable of pulling some stunts and can keep up with the intense waves. Before you head to Gunpowder River, it is necessary that you learn some necessary self-rescue tips if and when the kayak tips over.

The waters are fast and you might encounter a situation where you will have to rely on your self-rescue skills.

Waters here tend to get really cold in the winter, which is why summertime is perfect for kayaking in the Gunpowder River. Strong currents are a norm during all seasons, which is why you should pack your life jacket along.

Youghiogheny River

The Youghiogheny River, which is also known as the Yough is one of the more popular kayaking spots in Maryland. The Youghiogheny River was the first river of its kind to flow northwards of the state of Maryland.

The river is popular for being a decent spot for rafting, whitewater canoeing and kayaking. Paddlers can come here to enjoy a good time and be with others of their kind.

The Youghiogheny River is your spot if you want a challenge and know how to paddle in choppy waters. You can rent your equipment from retailers in the area if you don’t have a kayak of your own.

Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Park

Also known as the C&O Canal, the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Park is one of the most historic locations for kayaking. The national park offers paddling opportunities unlike any before.

Besides kayaking, you can also indulge in other healthy activities like fishing, biking, hiking, horseback riding, and paddling. The still waters are perfect for beginner-level kayakers and give them the kind of peace they need for learning to ride a kayak.

Deep Creek Lake

Deep Creek Locks flickr photo by norfolkdistrict shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license

Deep Creek Lake needs no introduction, as it is the largest fresh-water lake within the state of Maryland. The Lake offers a wide variety of recreational activities including fishing, canoeing, and kayaking.

The lake is situated at a distance of around 3 hours from the District of Columbia and points towards Maryland and Virginia.

Deep Creek Lake is a 4 season zone which is open all across the year. You can schedule your trip whenever you want, as the lake is accessible across the year.

Rental services are also available, through which you can get the right accessories at a low cost.

Dundee Creek

Dundee Creek flickr photo by Tim Pohlhaus shared under a Creative Commons (BY-NC-SA) license

Dundee Creek is beautiful, scenic, and adventurous. The marsh ecosystem allows you to explore the flora and wildlife of the region.

The area is also frequented by natural wildlife including bald eagles, ospreys, herons, and terrapins. You can rent kayaks from the location and can breathe in the beautiful calm waters and scenery of the place.

Along your kayaking trail, you will come across wonderful beaches and resting spots which are a delight to witness.

Eden Mill Park

Eden Mill Park is one of the most beautiful places for kayaking in Maryland. If you are a beginner looking for places to go for kayaking, then Eden Mill Park is where you should be headed.

The place is a delight to be at, and you will be able to not only learn kayaking but also be part of nature’s most exotic location.

All of these locations offer challenges and opportunities of their own. While some are meant for more experienced kayakers, others can be optimal for beginners.

Regardless of the place you head to, be prepared by going over the information in the section below.

Planning a kayaking trip

Every kayaking trip requires planning and thinking. The state of Maryland is host to some amazing kayaking spots, but that doesn’t mean you can walk up to them unprepared.

Here we mention some of the few things you can do for planning your next kayaking trip in a flawless manner:

Have the right gear

While some places do offer rentals for gear and kayaks, we believe it is best to leave prepared with all your gear. These rentals are exorbitantly priced and are more suited for impromptu planners.

Since you are leaving exclusively for kayaking, make sure you have your accessories packed.

Know safety techniques

While we recommend you go to still water kayaking locations if you are a beginner, we do recognize that there is a first time for everything. Before you step into rough waters, make sure that you know self-help techniques.

Know how to get back into a kayak after you have been flipped over, and the importance of wearing your life jacket right. Also, know how to ride a flipped kayak without letting the tide sweep you away.

Let friends and family know

While no kayaking trip is enjoyed alone, we believe you should let your close friends and family know before you leave out alone. Also let them know the exact date of your return so that they know when to expect you back.

Do your research

Once you have gone through the ideal locations we mentioned above, you should pick one that suits you best. Once you do that, it is time you do your research and find out all that you should expect from the trip. Be prepared and ready for what’s to come.

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Always Make Sure You Have the Right Gear When You Go Kayaking